The Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service (CHARTSaaS)© is an information technology (IT) subscription service, accessible via a secure Web portal, for licensed/accredited professional and organizational healthcare provider subject matter experts (SMEs) to design, develop, deploy, operate and optimize IT applications or “apps” with minimal cost and complexity.  The primary purpose of these apps is to mitigate medical mistakes , currently the third leading cause of patient deaths following cancer and heart disease, by combating their root cause — cognitive overload. Custom apps created by healthcare administrative and clinical SMEs can run continually or conditionally on desktop, tablet or mobile digital devices; and they operate automatically according to conditions and actions specified by the creators using non-IT methods such as drag-and-drop and text entry. Apps created using CHARTSaaS© can accomplish such heretofore impractical or impossible activities as continuous physiological parameter monitoring, automatic conditional notification, and analytics-based prediction and recommendation.