CHARTSaaS© History

The CHART concept originated in the late 1960s with J. Peter Melrose, BA, during his tenure as a Research Associate and later as a Systems and Programming Manager on the staff of the first USA National Institute of Health funded project to explore the application of computers to medical science and healthcare delivery with Bernard C. Glueck, Jr., MD as the Principal Investigator at The Institute of Living residential psychiatric hospital, later subsumed into Hartford (Connecticut) Healthcare health system. The CHART acronym originally stood for the Clinical, Heuristic, Administrative, Research and Teaching system, which was a software application that enabled non-programmers to create on-line and interactive applications for healthcare data management. In 2001, Mr. Melrose obtained a patent for the CHART System (US Patent No. 6,272,468 B1; 8/7/2001), which had evolved to an object-oriented human body model. The current version of CHARTSaaS© is a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) for the no-code creation of applications a.k.a. apps. The underlying motivation for each generation of the CHART concept has been to enable healthcare provider subject matter experts (SMEs) to create and manage apps with little or no need for on-premise IT staff or system resources.