CHARTSaaS helps healthcare providers cope with delivery disruption

Being a Better Robot than Robots is Not the Goal
The doctor of the future is going to have a sidekick. It may be a little round metal thing, or a glass, or an avatar, or whatever IBM or Google or Apple designs. But that sidekick will be much better at remembering diagnosis and treatment protocols, and even taking a genetic picture of the patient and telling them what to look out for and how medications will affect this person.

How did some of society’s brightest and most creative people become afraid of risk, become quick to accept authority, and struggle to work as interdependent teams with other people, including our own patients? In many cases, our selection and education was built around building human robots – omniscient, omnipotent, and able to act alone in the most complex scenarios of human rescue. Organic chemistry grades and MCATs didn’t prepare us to guide the older diabetic who forgets his medicine, is depressed, and now shows up at an emergency room with an undiagnosed late stage cancer.

As healthcare delivery systems shift to do a better job for people with chronic conditions, my ability as a doctor is not to be a better robot than the robot. We’re here to be the humans in the room. Not the robots. We’re here to give patients meaning and to help them be the pilots of their own health.

That’s the future we can embrace – and I believe, be excited to make happen.”

The foregoing excerpt from the article Destined for Disruption: Are Providers Ready? by Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA, President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, published in the November 1, 2017, issue of Transform Care Health Data Management defines a new breed of healthcare provider, transformation to which can be facilitated by implementation of the Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service (CHARTSaaS)© information technology (IT) reference architecture. The purpose of CHARTSaaS© is to combat cognitive overload, arguably the root cause of medical mistakes, by enabling healthcare provider subject matter experts (SMEs) without IT expertise to create and to operate customized mobile applications a.k.a. “apps” for real-time cognitive support.

Please validate this proposition to your own satisfaction by reading the white paper ; by attending a 36-minute audio-visual presentation that describes the background, purpose and scope of CHARTSaaS©; or by viewing a 12-minute presentation that describes how healthcare provider subject matter experts can use CHARTSaaS© to create a mobile apps to mitigate medical mistakes, which currently are the third leading cause of preventable patient deaths. Medical mistake mitigation using customized mobile apps created with CHARTSaaS© will minimize patient adverse events, optimize clinical case outcomes, maximize the cost-effectiveness of care and treatment, and accelerate the accrual and application of medical knowledge.

Please contact me, Pete Melrose, at or +1 (612) 201-2301 to discuss and decide re how you or your organization can participate in the CHARTSaaS© Development and Operation (DevOps) Project. Patient lives may depend on your decision. Thanks for your consideration and hopefully your support, and good wishes for another great day!

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