CHARTSaaS facilitates IT-enabled care documentation AND care delivery

“… Worse still, despite the United States accounting for nearly 40 percent of global healthcare IT spending, our outcomes underwhelm on a global scale. Bloomberg‘s latest healthcare efficiency index ranks the United States 50th out of the 55 countries evaluated. And while we spend nearly twice per capita on healthcare compared to other developed nations, the Commonwealth Fund ranks us amongst the lowest in outcomes and the highest in risk factors.

Somewhere along this path to technological enlightenment, we forgot that technology was intended to be a driver of productivity, not shackle it. That it was to ease the operational burden, not complicate it. That healthcare IT was supposed to give caregivers more time at the bedside caring for more patients, not more time at a workstation while millions of emergency patients each year average more than six hours waiting for a bed.

It’s time we re-oriented the healthcare IT discussion around the delivery of care, not the documenting of care. While an EMR should follow a patient along the care continuum, it cannot move a patient across that continuum and ensure the timely delivery of care.

It’s time to bring focus back to caregivers (a population generally regarded as overworked and in short supply); to enable caregivers to spend more time with their patients, while delivering technology solutions that don’t financially overburden provider institutions. It’s time we raise our expectations for what healthcare IT should be doing for patients and caregivers, and understand that delivering care starts and ends with a patient; a person that values getting to the right care setting more than how and where we are documenting that care …”

In the preceding excerpt from the article entitled Burden of billions: Bringing focus back to caregiving by Kris Kaneta, senior vice president of marketing at TeleTracking Technologies in the October 12, 2017, issue of Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review (, the call to action “It’s time we re-oriented the healthcare IT discussion around the delivery of care, not the documenting  of care” can be facilitated and forwarded by the Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service (CHARTSaaS) and other information technology (IT) solutions that conform to the CHARTSaaS reference architecture (RA). CHARTSaaS in particular enables the creation of mobile apps that put the healthcare IT focus back on care delivery as “systems of engagement” rather than “systems of record” such as the current electronic health record (EHR) system market leaders, but it leverages the rich and regulated patient data sources that they provide. In addition, CHARTSaaS as an Internet cloud-based and low-/no-code integrated development environment (IDE) enables healthcare provider subject matter experts (SMEs) to design, develop, deploy, operate and optimize such apps with virtually no need for either IT coding/development/programming skills or IT staff/system support. CHARTSaaS-built apps provide real-time cognitive support (cognitive overload being the root cause of most medical mistakes, which mistakes currently are the third leading cause of patient deaths after cancer and heart disease) during the practice of medicine and delivery of healthcare, all with minimal cost and complexity.

Please validate the foregoing CHARTSaaS-related proposition to your own satisfaction by reading the white paper at, viewing the tutorials posted on YouTube ( and and also by reviewing the details of CHARTSaaS™ and the CHARTSaaS RA™ in these presentations:

Healthcare providers will benefit significantly from appreciating and then applying a CHARTSaaS RA-compliant IT solution. To do so will mitigate medical mistakes (currently the third leading cause of patient deaths. per Makaray and Daniel (; thereby minimizing patient adverse events and optimizing clinical case outcomes while maximizing the cost-effectiveness of care and treatment, and also accelerating the accrual and facilitating the application of medical knowledge.

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