CHARTSaaS facilitates patient-accessible electronic health record (EHR) systems

”When we in the industry discuss the concept of interoperability, we are most often talking about it from the perspective of a healthcare organization. We want the data that we collect to be visible, actionable and presented in context. We analyze the needs of the hospital, the clinics, the lab, the billing office, the federal programs that need reports run. We build connections in an effort to move closer and closer to the elusive ‘one source of truth’ for clinical data …

Even as we push interoperability and integration, our focus is on what happens within the walls of the healthcare organization. The future of interoperability is not about getting your patient to stay where their data is—it is going to be about the data following the patient. The one source of truth should not be what one hospital system records; nor should it be what the patient can recall during a time of high stress.

It is time to look at the informatics needs of the patient as a person and a consumer.  If we put the patients at the center of healthcare, it will be truly transformative. It might even give them some time back to enjoy the things that will sustain them through the next health crisis.”

The foregoing quote from the Healthcare Informatics April 21, 2017, article by M. Maxwell Stroud, Lead Consultant, Galen Healthcare Solutions, entitled “Interoperability: Are Patients Falling Through the Cracks?” ( advocates a new context for healthcare information system/application interoperability: patient-centric rather than healthcare provider organization-centric. A Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service (CHARTSaaS)™ solution compliant with the CHARTSaaS IT reference architecture (RA) includes healthcare provider subject matter expert (SME) user-oriented and cloud-based components for defining and implementing system connectivity and information exchange. The enterprise service bus (ESB) with end-point connector software is an example, the application or “app” results of which are deployed leveraging such security technologies as encryption and software-defined networking (SDN). This approach, implemented according to HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule requirements, facilitates federalized medical record data management; and, therefore, makes feasible the direct access to those data by individual patients, using IT applications or “apps” created using a CHARTSaaS RA-compliant integrated development environment (IDE).

Please validate this proposition to your own satisfaction by reading the white paper at and then by reviewing the details of CHARTSaaS™ and the CHARTSaaS RA™ in these presentations:

Healthcare providers will benefit significantly from appreciating and then applying a CHARTSaaS RA-compliant IT solution. To do so will mitigate medical mistakes (currently the third leading cause of patient deaths. per Makaray and Daniel, thereby minimizing patient adverse events and optimizing clinical case outcomes while maximizing the cost-effectiveness of care and treatment while accelerating the accrual and application of medical knowledge.

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