Clinical workflow optimization needs a CHARTSaaS RA-compliant Solution

“Sixty-seven percent of CHIME [College of Healthcare Information Management Executives] of survey participants cited care team coordination when asked what specific types of workflows within their hospital or health system are top of mind to improve with better tools. The next three most cited relate to patient processing: patient discharge (48 percent), handoffs within the hospital (46 percent), and handoffs between facilities (40 percent). Many of the delays in any workflow occur at the transition of care points where multiple caregivers need to connect or share information. While the EHR has helped with some aspects of care coordination and transitions in care, there are many important conversations and collaborations that need to occur prior to and during any transition. Caregivers are mobile and need to have both structured and spontaneous dialogs among the care team. Often additional communication technologies, such as secure messaging, are required to optimize these types of workflows.”

The foregoing excerpt from the study report entitled THE HEALTHCARE CIO PERSPECTIVE ON SUPPORTING CLINICAL WORKFLOWS, administered by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) and commissioned by Spok ( identifies workflows that are key to the optimal practice of medical practice and delivery of healthcare. All of them require the complete, accurate and timely communication of clinical information for the safe and successful provision of healthcare. Without information technology (IT) enablement, zero-defect clinical communication cannot be achieved, because it exceeds the bounds of human cognition.

An IT solution compatible with the Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service Reference Architecture (CHARTSaaS RA) will enable healthcare provider subject matter experts to create IT applications, a.k.a.”apps,” in a matter that will leverage legacy electronic health records (EHRs) and other IT applications to ensure complete, accurate and timely communication. Please validate this proposition to your own satisfaction by reviewing the details of CHARTSaaS and the CHARTSaaS RA in these presentations, and then by imagining a CHARTSaaS-enabled IT solution:


Healthcare providers and their patients will benefit significantly from appreciating and then applying a CHARTSaaS RA-compliant IT solution. To do so will mitigate medical mistakes (currently the  third leading cause of patient deaths, per Makaray and Daniel,, thereby minimizing  patient adverse events; and also will optimize clinical case outcomes while maximizing the cost-effectiveness of care and treatment and accelerating the accrual of medical knowledge.



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