CHARTSaaS© Software Development Environment (SDE)

The CHARTSaaS© Software Development Environment (SDE) is an Internet-accessible no-/low-code information technology (IT) toolkit for use by licensed medical practitioners and accredited healthcare delivery organization subject matter experts (SMEs) to create and manage IT applications a.k.a. “apps” to provide IT-enabled cognitive support for medical practice and healthcare delivery. By using the SDE included features of User & Artifact Administration, Documents & Knowledge, Processes & Cases, Rules & Decisions, Similarity & Predictive Analytics, Connectivity & Interoperability, Mobile Apps & Devices, and Operation & Optimization; SMEs can design, develop, deploy, operate and optimize automated rule-based processes that choreograph the activities of staff and system actors in real time (e.g. — differential diagnosis, treatment planning, hand-off communications, equipment maintenance and facility operations). Learn more by reading the brochure.