CHARTSaaS© Capabilities & Components

The Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service (CHARTSaaS)© software development environment (SDE) enables an administrative or clinical healthcare provider subject matter expert (SME) to design, develop, deploy, operate and optimize information technology (IT) applications a.k.a “apps” with minimal cost, complexity and need for IT system or staff support. SMEs need these apps for cognitive support to mitigate cognitive overload, which is the root cause of medical mistakes (the third leading cause of patient deaths in the United States after cancer and heart disease). For a nominal monthly subscription cost that is booked as an operating expense, any SME authorized by a licensed/accredited healthcare provider Subscriber to CHARTSaaS© just logs in to the Internet portal and then uses the software tools included in the SDE to create apps that are accessible via any mobile or stationary digital device at anytime and anywhere that Internet access is available.

Typical IT non-functional requirements such as accessibility, security (HIPAA-specific) and scalability are fulfilled by the cloud service provider (CSP) data center capabilities where the CHARTSaaS© SDE is running continuously. The functional requirements for app creation and management are fulfilled by the CHARTSaaS© SDE features: Administration, Documents & Knowledge, Processes & Cases, Rules & Decision, Similarity & Predictive Analytics, Connectivity & Interoperability, Mobile Apps & Devices, and Operation & Optimization. Learn more about components and capabilities by reading the eBook, which contains a use case form to test your understanding of the software development environment and the mobile apps that you can create using CHARTSaaS©.

Apps created using the CHARTSaaS© SDE may run continuously or conditionally or on demand by design  as the most cost-effective means to supplement human cognition, and thereby to mitigate failure-to-rescue and other medical mistakes that threaten patient safety by exacerbating iatrogenic and nosocomial morbidity and mortality.