CHARTSaaS© can facilitate predictive analytics decision-making

“Despite all of the technological capabilities and data available, some healthcare organizations still rely on a hodgepodge of disconnected data, institutional memory or intuition for making key operational decisions.

Too often, hospital decision makers rely on labor-intensive, error-prone spreadsheet analysis to make important departmental decisions. These departmental decisions are often made without the benefit of a holistic view or understanding of their ripple effect across the hospital or health system as a whole. This frequently results in negative overall consequences for the organization and patients. There are a number of contributing factors that can led to this lag in technology adoption. Traditionally, these factors have included:

• Lack of pressure to be efficient because of historically high reimbursement rates.

• Lack of formal training in operations science for leaders who rise through the ranks from clinical backgrounds.

• Lack of access to timely and reliable data.

In the face of industry demands to cut costs and improve efficiency, technology is playing a more prominent role in helping hospitals and health systems move away from a reactive approach to managing patient flow and take actions to mitigate bottlenecks before they happen. Data and analytics, combined with human process improvements, go a long way towards helping organizations make critical patient flow decisions that not only support better patient care, but create happier staff and more profitable operations.”

The foregoing excerpt from “HIT Think How predictive analytics can help guide operational decisions” by Richard Krueger in the May 2, 2018, edition of Health Data Management ( describes an all too common and particularly problematic situation in hospitals these days, which can lead not only to poor strategic and operational performance in the long and medium term but also potentially fatal tactics for patient care and treatment in the near term.

The Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service (CHARTSaaS)© specifies a software development environment (SDE) that is architected for use by healthcare provider subject matter experts (SMEs) to design, develop, deploy, operate and optimize mobile information technology (IT) applications or “apps” with minimal IT staff assistance or impact on IT system resoures. These apps can be designed to automate standard-of-care and best-practice processes such as pathology-specific clinical pathways, differential diagnosis or treatment planning using features for process/case design, Boolean rules/decision design, Bayesian multi-dimensional similarity and predictive analytics, connectivity and interoperability with electronic health record (EHR) systems and other CHARTSaaS© subscriber sources of data. The healthcare provider SME can operate these features using drag-and-drop and point-and-click techniques design, develop, deploy, operate and optimize mobile apps.

Please validate this proposition to your own satisfaction by reading the white paper or viewing a presentation. You will see how CHARTSaaS©-built apps can mitigate medical mistakes (currently the third leading cause of patient deaths in the USA, per Makary and Daniel); thereby minimizing patient adverse events and optimizing clinical case outcomes while maximizing the cost-effectiveness of care and treatment and also accelerating the accrual and facilitating the application of medical knowledge. Please contact me, Pete Melrose, at or +1 (612) 201-2301 to discuss and decide re how you or your organization can participate in development completion and launch of CHARTSaaS©. Patient lives may depend on your decision. Thanks for your consideration and hopefully your support, and good wishes for another great day!

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